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My name is Marc and I develop websites and applications under the name f00n.com. I specialise in bespoke development of web services, game interfaces and HUD's (heads up display) and professional hosting for business, development or personal websites and intranets.
Established in 2002 as a developmental site for testing upcoming technologies and web services, f00n.com has been my way to bring my ideas and see them realised from concept to completion. It has also been my home for working with clients over the years.
Working one-to-one with customers I have a direct approach to web development without the hassle of being passed around an office or shrugged aside for other clients websites. I focus on getting your websites and web applications to fruition before concentrating my efforts elsewhere.
I strive to ensure you are confident in my abilities 100% of the way through your project's web development through quality communication so I can best suit your company's needs.
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I have over 13 years experience with creating web applications, websites, content management systems, animations, 3D, Flash and various other web technologies.

All my websites are made to W3C standards compliance and feature search engine optimisation as standard.

I usually work alone or with an artist however I prefer working with people as a team can accomplish a lot more in less time.

Some of the skills I use are :

  • Fully Compliant HTML / xHTML
  • Flash / Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL Database
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Ajax
  • Content Management Systems ( Bespoke and Wordpress CMS )
  • CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets )
  • Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO )
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver ( also notepad editing )


If you need somewhere to host your website f00n.com offers a featured filled, business class, unlimited hosting solution.

Unlimited webspace means you don't have to worry about your uploads or database taking up all your resources. Unlimited bandwidth ensures your pages are always delivered to browsers without a quota.

Every account comes with a fully featured control panel to make it easy to customise your hosting for your requirements. You get full control over your mailboxes, FTP, sub-domains, statistics, databases and everything else you need with a professional hosting account.

One-Click Installs give you the power to add functionality to your hosting or websites through web applications such as Wordpress. Create a website and customise it with a professional control panel and administration system. This makes it easy and fast to setup many different utilities and applications.

Our technical support team works 24/7/365 to assist you if you ever need any help or you can browse the support database for any answers to your query.

For a complete listing on our unlimited hosting package, and other packages and add-on options, visit the hosting information page.

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There are too many features to describe but here are a few.
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Email
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft MSSQL
  • Virus Scanning
  • Web Statistics
  • FTP Locking
  • eXtend Control Panel
  • iPhone Control Panel
  • Sub-Domains
  • Backup and Restore
  • Search Engine Submission
  • PHP / Perl / Python / Ruby / ASP / Zend Optimiser
  • E-Commerce
  • Adwords
  • Wordpress / Joomla / Drupal
  • Cloud Computing
  • Multiple 10gb Internet Connections
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7/365 Onsite Technicians and Technical Support


Scaleform for UDK is a toolset that allows you to use Adobe Flash to create menu systems and heads up display items in games made with the Unreal Development Kit.

My experience with Scaleform began with Crysis and since the addition of Scaleform for UDK I have since worked on a commercial title ( The Haunted : Hell's Reach ).

During the learning process I gained further experience in UnrealScript to add to my experience of level design and cinematic techniques with UDK. Already understanding Flash to a professional level helped me immensely in creating custom classes and components for Scaleform.

Creating re-usable assets with speed and complete code-orientated control of components and data sources, I was able to diminish development time required and create new custom functionality.

My skills in this area are
  • Interface design and development
  • Console and PC Independant Menu Development
  • In-Game HUD Development
  • Custom Scaleform Components
  • UDK Matinee
  • UDK Kismet
  • UDK Level Design
  • UnrealScript
  • Actionscript 2.0 ( or 3.0 with Scaleform GFX 4.0 )

Flash Development

I have had experience with Flash development ranging back to 1999 with version 4. I concentrated my efforts on the programming side of flash until I could create entire websites or applications with pure code and no assets on the stage within the editor. This gave me a perspective of optimisation and re-usability with my code.

I have created full websites, animations, applications, 3D Flash, banners and used Flash within the Unreal Engine and Crysis Engine environments with Scaleform.

With the expanse of the mobile market and available Flash Players on mobile phones, I also understand how to create flash applications and games for the iPhone and Andoid platforms using Flash and Flex to deploy on either platform.

Flash requirements always vary and nothing is impossible but here are some of the skills I offer
  • Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0
  • Animations
  • Banners and Adverts
  • Web Application Development
  • Web-based Game Development
  • 3D Banners and Applications
  • 3D Games
  • Mobile Phone Games and Applications ( iOS / iPhone / iPad / Android / Tablets )
  • OOP ( Object Orientated Programming )
  • PHP ( server-side programming )
  • MySQL Database
  • XML Database